Music- My Top Picks of January and February

For most people, music is an escape. I am constantly listening to music and always on the hunt for new music. Like everything else in my life, I have a pretty wide range of music that I like to listen to. From Beyonce to Panic! At the Disco to Cole Swindell I listen to almost anything and everything. Below I have listed my Top Music Picks for January and February.


  • anything by the Weeknd
  • “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Caroline by Anime
  • “Perm” by Bruno Mars
  • “OOOUUU” by Young M.a


  • “Far Too Young to Die” by Panic! At The Disco
  • “No One’s Here to Sleep” by Naughty Boy
  • “Location” by Khalid
  • “Electric Love” by BORNS
  • “How Would You Feel (Paean)” by Ed Sheeran
  • “Tough Guys” by Caroline Jones
  • “Chained to the Rythm” by Katy Perry
  • “I Can” by NAS

I know there are a lot fewer songs for January than February but I listened to the Weeknd basically every day and occasionally listened to the other songs on that list. I’m going through an indie phase right now so that’s why there are so many indie songs.

I was going to post another makeup review today but I need more time with some of the products. I’ll have one up before my prom I promise!

Love Always,

Luce E.


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